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Available for residencies& Guest Spots World wide for 2010/11/12 Mobile: 0044 (0)7541 720809

The Music...just click on the set you want to listen to..Link will open a new soundcloud window...enjoy!

The Music......

Djing is a spontaneous affair.
I feed off the dance floor, every track is played
for the floor and not to please my personal preferences.
Every set is unique and exclusive..
No prerecorded mixes...everything it should be....
Genres of music don't come into it..if the crowd demands it, then the crowd gets it.
*typical 6 hour set will include;
electro house, funky house, progressive, trance, commercial club, hip hop and r&b anthems. with some surprises blended in!
The Atmosphere........
A quality Dj must be able to control the dance floors and create an unforgettable atmosphere and dance experience for the clubbers.. This is where Cal excels and stands head and shoulders above other Dj's. Cal is capable of creating an atmosphere as wild as the management will allow!!

* denotes unless I have been hired to play an exclusive genre of music i.e house only.
Cal.Sarwar can also play Bollywood and Bhangra gigs.

  • All mixes & perfrmances are live as they should be.
    All genres of House including:

    Progressive House    Funky House    Vocal House    Electro House    Latin House

    RnB    Hip Hop         Old School Disco & Funk         Commercial Club    Euro Club

    Bhangra     Bollywood     Russian House & RnB    Polish House & RnB   Regaeton


    Including:   jazz funk & Soul for the more discerning clubbers......................


    Cals Albums (discography)                   Press Hisitory

    Education on The Dance Floor  2005                                
    Bollywood Sunset Mixes 2006                            
    The Cal-edonian Mix  2007                                                
    Break of Dawn  2009                                                                      
    Love Sex American Express  2009                                  
    The Pussy Bites Back 2009
    This is not Guetta 2010

    A Desi In The House 2010 (Charity fundraiser album)

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