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Press interview 2007 by Filthy & Gorgeous

Cal can you tell me on how you got involved in Djing?
Yeah i was around 15 when a mate asked me to help with his mobile disco.
He had old citronic record decks, a tape player and a mono amp that weighed about a ton. Some home made traffic style lights and
a police fuzz light. Even the speaker cabs were home made. I thought wow this is great.
The most appealing thing was that we were both surrounded by women.
It was at this point I decided I want to be a dj music had nothing to do with it.
What’s your most embarrassing moment in the business.
Hmmm need to think about that one. Opening night of my nightclub “Zico’s” we had spent several months renovating an old co operative store. I had ploughed every penny I had into the venture. The contractors finally finished the job 2 months behind schedule. So the opening night was upon us. It was an invitation only night and we had around 250 people in. I was doing the first session myself 20 minutes into the night we had a power cut.
The contractors didn’t take into account the power consumption that would be required to juice up the club and the restaurant. The fuses or something were too small. So everybody was sent home... Ouch!
What’s the largest Gig you played.
That’s easy the Tsunami Appeal Gig in India
Around 200,000+ people i thinks..
What’s your most memorable Gig
There’s so many but i suppose it would really have to be again the Tsunami appeal, so many people and a genuine will to help a great cause.
So many poor people giving away their life savings and belongings to help others.
You most disappointing moment while Djing?
Another easy one. Came back from holiday with the amazing Jacko Thriller album. Following night played Billie Jean in Cinderella’s and it cleared the dance floor!
Edinburgh wasn’t quite ready for the Jacko explosion. 2 weeks later same club they couldn’t get enough of him.
You deliberately stayed out of the limelight by turning down some serious offers; you could have been a household Dj name.
Any regrets?
No I couldn’t have handled the pressure of other people running my life. Besides I had the family businesses to look after.
Did you enjoy school?
Sometimes. When you’re the only brown face in a school with 1200 kids it’s tough!
Your Saddest moment?
Death of my father.
A 16yr old kid dying of an ecstasy overdose on the floor
Your happiest/proudest moment?
So many with the kids.
Do you have any dislikes?
Rave and techno..yuckh!
Binge drinkers
Designer labels
Illegal middle aged mobile dj’s. I can understand why the kids do it, but these older guys?
You want me to go on?
No i think we get the picture.
Just sex and flirting....
You’ve played all over the world is their anywhere else you would like to play?
Would like to do a few more gigs in possibly Eastern Europe and the Med. As long as they are not for the elite and rich.
Which Dj’s do you admire?
I think there are some fantastic Dj’s out there, worked with a few in the early days. But the ones that jump out are:
Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Junior Vasquez, Tony De Vit, Oakenfield, and many more.(all my age group)
What’s in the car cd player just now?
Hey that’s gotta be Mr Michael Buble in the player for around 2 years now...
What you driving?
That’s a dodgy question. A Renault people carrier to manoeuvre the family about and a Mercedes
for pretending to look posh and important and a Ferrari just to pose....
Do you read?
Yeah currently embarked on a diet of Philosophy books. Wow that’s some enlightening shit.
Any advice to young up and coming Dj’s?
Learn to read the floor! You are not playing to yourself or for yourself. You will get your buzz from the
dance floor even if you dislike the tune you are playing. Its not all about mixing,, thats just how you play it. you also got to think about what you play and when you play it.. A dj set should be about taking the dancefloor on a journey...
Finally any plans for the future?
Not really just want to enjoy the twilight years of my djing career and finish off where i started here in Scotland.
Maybe put myself in the shop window and do some residencies. Not really sure, but definitely try and
spend more quality time with the family.
Cary on with the charity work and who knows???
Thank you Cal and we wish you all the best in the future.
You’re very welcome.

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