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Frequently Asked Questions

This is place to answer the questions that people always ask.  To get you started, there are some suggested questions that you probably get asked all the time:

What genre of music do you play?
See Music Page..

Do you Play vinyl, cd or only laptop?
I play cd's and using pioneer cd&vdj's. Like many dj's I stopped playing vinyl a few years ago.
I use a system called serato with laptop via the pioneer cd/vdj's.
I don't consider playing using laptop only real djing.....

Will you consider playing anywhere in the world?
Yep I will consider it..but won't guarantee I will....

How long will you play for?
I can play as long as I'm contracted to do so and if it suits me and i'm allowed to I will go on...and on....

Howmuch do you charge?
This all depends on where,when and for how long etc etc 
How much notice do you need?
As much as possible.. So that travel and hotel arrangements can be made.
The earlier the better and more cost effective. I'm always reasdy to travel subject to availability.
Do you play at weddings and private parties?
Yes. I can be booked to play at private and corporate events.


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